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Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, published since 1964, is quarterly journal of the Academy. It publishes original research papers and reviews in basic and applied sciences. All papers are peer reviewed. Authors are not required to be Fellows or Members of the Academy, or citizens of Pakistan.


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Volume 52, No.1, Mar 2015

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Engineering Sciences

Resource Description Framework and Topic Maps: Complementary or Competitive?

Fakhre Alam, Muhammad Abid Khan, Sami ur Rahman, Shah Khusro, and Shaukat Ali

Speaker dependent Human Emotion Recognition in Unimodal and Bimodal Scenarios

Sanaul Haq, Tariqullah Jan, Muhammad Asif, Amjad Ali, and Naveed Ahmad

Bimodal Human Emotion Classification in the Speaker-dependent Scenario

Sanaul Haq, Tariqullah Jan, Asiya Jehangir, Muhammad Asif, Amjad Ali, and Naveed Ahmad

Printed UWB Antennas having Band Notch Feature: A Review

Dawar Awan, Shahid Bashir, Nisar Ahmad Abbasi, and Husan Ali

Life Sciences

Effect of Artificial Insemination and Natural Service on Calf Sex Ratio in Dairy Cattle

Muhammad Ijaz Khan, Samina Jalali, Beenish Shahid, and Sajjad Aslam Shami

Physical Sciences

On the Stability of Recursive Least Squares and QR Decomposition Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering Application

F. Z. Okwonu, and N. A. Atinah

Fuzzy Primal and Fuzzy Strongly Primal Ideals

Waheed Ahmad Khan, Tariq Shah, and Abdelghani Taouti

Solving Wave and Diffusion Equations on Cantor Sets

Jamshad Ahmad, and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

On the Existence of Periodic Solutions to Non-Linear Neutral Differential Equations of First Order with Multiple Delays

Emel Bišer, and Cemil Tunš

Citations of the PAS Fellows and a Foreign Fellow Elected in 2014



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