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Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, published since 1964, is quarterly journal of the Academy. It publishes original research papers and reviews in basic and applied sciences. All papers are peer reviewed. Authors are not required to be Fellows or Members of the Academy, or citizens of Pakistan.


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Volume 51, No.1, Mar 2014

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Engineering Sciences

Designing of Hydraulic Fracture Job and Perfromance Analysis of Extremely Low Permeability Oil Reservoirs

Muhammad Khurram Zahoor and Faisal Mehmood

Assessment of Operation and Catastrophic Risks of Transport Gasifier Pilot Plant

Shahid Naveed, Naveed Ramzan and Anam Asghar

Public Perceptions to Travel Demand Management Measures in Lahore, Pakistan: Analysis and Implications

Muhammad A. Javid, Toshiyuki Okamura, Fumihiko Nakamur A, Shinji Tanaka and Rui Wang

Power Draw, Solid Suspension and Liquid Mixing in a Non-standard Stirre Tank Reactor fitted with a Retreat Curve Impeller

Muddasar Habib, Jamil Ahmed, Mohammad Jaffar, Unsia Habib, Abdul Rehman Memon, Taimur Ahmad Kaka Khel, Farooq Khan KHalil, Faisal Abbasi and Muhammad Haris Nisar

Life Sciences

Laboratory Evaluation of Imidacloprid against Microtermes obesi (Holmgren) (Isoptera: Macrotermitinae)

Farkhanda Manzoor, Sumaira Saleem and Moneeza Abbas

Studies in Three Species of Dictyota (Phaeophycota) from Karachi Coast of Pakistan

Alia Abbas and Mustafa Shameel

Taxonomic Studies of Freshwater Algae from Taxila, Pakistan

M.M. Khalid, A. Nabiha, Bazgha Zia, Rohina Bashir and Mustafa Shameel

Physical Sciences

Computation and Modeling of the Variability in Electron Concentration and Refractive Index for F2 Layer at Pakistan Region

Syed Nazeer Alam, Muhammad Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai and Akbar Ali Jilani

Wind Speed Analysis of Some Coastal Areas near Karachi

M.A. Hussain, Shaheen Abbas, M.R K. Ansari, Asma Zaffar and Bulbul Jan

Citations of the PAS Fellows Elected in 2013

Citation of the PAS Foreign Fellow Elected in 2013

Obituary: Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ahmad Mufti



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