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Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, published since 1964, is quarterly journal of the Academy. It publishes original research papers and reviews in basic and applied sciences. All papers are peer reviewed. Authors are not required to be Fellows or Members of the Academy, or citizens of Pakistan.


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Volume 51, No.3, Sep 2014

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Obituary: Prof. Dr. Kamaluddin Ahmed

Obituary: Prof. Dr. R. A. Khan Tahirkheli

Engineering Sciences

A Characteristic Study of Exponential Distribution Technique in a Flowshop using Taillard Benchmark Problems

-- R. Pugazhenthi and M. Anthony Xavior

An Efficient Algorithm and Its Implementation for Armstrongs Indirect Method of Conversion of Narrowband FM to Wideband FM, A Valuable Tool for Communication System Designers

-- Syed Waqar Shah, Mazhar Sher, Talha Khan, Tariqullah Jan, Haseeb Zafar, Syed Riaz ul Hassnain, Gulzar Ahmad and Sahibzada Majid Ashraf

Performance of Six-Pulse Line-Commutated Converter in DC Motor Drive Application

-- Syed Riaz ul Hassnain, Haider Zaman, Zunaib Ali, Muqadsa Iftikhar, and Tariqullah Jan

Life Sciences

The Culture Performance of 17-a-methyltestosterone Treated Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in Fertilized Ponds

-- Muhammad Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Iftikhar Ahmed, Muhammad Ashraf, Farzana Abbas and Khalid Javed Iqbal

Medical Sciences

Seaweed Antioxidants as Novel Ingredients for Better Health and Food Quality: Bangladesh Prospective

-- S. Bhattacharjee and G.M.R. Islam

Pharmacotherapy versus Psychotherapy in the Management of Male Bipolar Disorder at Pakistan Institute of Mental Health, Lahore, Pakistan

-- Hira Ijaz, Junaid Qureshi, Muhammad Zaman, Imran Waheed, Imran Khan and Mohamed Abdel-Daim

Physical Sciences

Concavity Solutions of Second-Order Differential Equations

-- Ibtisam Aldawish and Maslina Darus

Generalized Ostrowski Type Inequalities on Time Scales with Applications

-- Sabir Hussain and Khurrem Shehzad



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