Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Promoting Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio-economic development

Deceased Fellows

Name Elected Year of Birth/Death Specialization
Dr. Shafiq Ahmed Khan 1990 1935-2013 Nutritional aspects of edible oils Scientommetrics
Dr. Ghous Muhammad Khattak 1977 1924-2012 Forestry and Forest Management
Prof. Dr. M. M.Qurashi 1964 1925-2011 Physics with emphasis on study of atomic and molecular arrangements in alloys and minerals Operational research and Scientometrics History of Science Special interest in Islamic contributions Quran and Science and Education Published 14 Monographs in areas of physics scientific and technological research in Pakistan as well as on History and Philosophy of Science
Iqbal Hussain Qureshi 1994 1936-2012 Nuclear and Analytical Chemistry Health Related Environmental Pollution
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Shameel 2005 1941-2013 Marine Botany Biology and Phycochemistry of Seaweeds Phycology Published 350Research Papers & 5 Books Supervised 17 PhD theses
Prof. M. Afzal Hussain 1953 1889-1970
Dr. Nazir Ahmad 1953 1910-1985
Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad 1953 1902-1957
Prof. Dr. Salimuzzaman Siddiqui 1953 1897-1994
Prof. Dr. M. Raziuddin Siddiqi 1953 1905-1998
Dr. M. Sharif 1953 1899-1965
Dr. Hamid Khan Bhatti 1953 1895-1980
Dr. M. Ishaque 1953 1902-1960
Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam (Nobel Laureate) 1954 1926-1996
Ch. Muhammad Afzal 1954 1902-1991
Dr. Taskhir Ahmad 1954 1905-1991
Prof. Dr. Afzal Hussain Qadri 1956 1912-1974
Prof. Dr. Karimullah 1956 1903-1998
Col. M. K. Afridi 1956 1900-1968
Dr. S. Hedayatullah 1956 1905-
Prof. Qazi M. Aslam 1957 1900-1981
Prof. Dr. Rafat Hussain Siddiqi 1957 -
Dr. Nazir Ahmad 1968 1910-2000
Prof. Dr. Mukarram Hussain Khundkar 1959 1922-1972
Prof. Dr. M. Ziauddin 1959 -
Dr. Atiqur Rahman Ansari 1959 1911-1979
Prof. Dr. Qazi Saeeduddin Ahmad 1961 1904-1970
Prof. Dr. A. G. Asghar 1964 1902-1979
Dr. Amir-ul-Islam 1967 -
Dr. Ghulamullah Chaudhry 1967 1913-1990
Prof. Dr. M. A. Azim 1967 1910-1987
Prof. Dr. Majeed Ahmad 1968 1916-1981
Dr. Nazir Ahmad 1953 1898-1973
Prof. Dr. Rafi Mohammad Choudhri 1968 1903-1988
Prof. Dr. Badruddin 1968 1911-1983
Dr. S. A. Warsi 1970 1916-1983
Prof. Dr. Shafqat Hussain Siddiqui 1971 1922-1985
Dr. Ahmad Kamal 1971 1914-1975
Prof. Dr. Z. A. Hashmi 1972 1914-1990
Prof. Dr. Kh. Salahuddin 1972 1912-1974
Dr. M. K. Bhatty 1972 1929-1990
Prof. Dr. M. Aslam Khan 1972 1926-1998
Prof. Dr. M. A. Kazi 1972 1928-1999
Prof. Dr. Sultan Ahmad 1974 1911-1984
Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mohiuddin 1974 1923-1998
Prof. Dr. Marghoob Ali 1976 1927-1980
Prof. Dr. A. G. Kausar 1977 1923-1980
Dr. Saleh M. Quraishy 1977 1909-1981
Dr. Heshamul Haque 1978 1928-1994
Dr. S. Mahdihassan 1980 1892-1992
Dr. F. H. Shah 1984 1931-1994
Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad 1991 1910-1992
Prof. Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi 1995 -2001
Prof. Dr. N. M Awan 1992 1942-1994
Hafiz Hakim Muhammed Said 1992 1920-1998
Dr. Abdul Hafiz 1990 1915-2001
Dr. A. Sattar 2000 -2000
Prof. Dr. M. Abdussalam 1954 1926-1996
A. Hamid Chotani 1976 1923-2004
Prof. Dr. Mrs. Nasima Trimizi 1980 1933-2005
Prof. Dr. M.I.D. Chughtai 1967 1919-2006
Dr. Yusuf Ahmad 1976 1928-2008
Prof. Dr. Iftikhar A. Malik 1990 1936-2008
Dr. M.I. Burney 1983 1922-2008
Dr. S. Moosa Hasany 2000 1942-2007
Prof. Khushnood A. Siddiqui 1994 1937-2009
Dr. Qamar-ud-din Khan Ghori 1974 1932-2009
Dr. Fazal A. Faruqui 1978 1927-2010
Dr. Muhammad Anwar Waqar 1995 1941-2010
Prof. Dr. M. A. Hafeez 1999 1937-2010
Dr. S. Arshad Saeed 2007 -2009
Dr. M. Qudrat-e-Khuda 1953 1900-1977
Viqar Uddin Ahmad 1991 1940- Natural Products Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry.
Muzaffer Ahmad 1970 1920- Zoology/Entomology with special emphasis on termites Planned andinitiated establishment of Pakistan Museum of Natural History now located in Islamabad
Ishfaq Ahmad 1983 1930- Particle Detectors Nuclear and High Energy Physics Nuclear Technology
Kamaluddin Ahmad 2002 1939-2014 High Energy Physics Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology CondensedMatter Physics/Materials Physics Quantum Computing and QuantumInformation Science
Mahbub Ali 1988 1923- Genetics and Plant Breeding with special interest in New Varieties of Cottonand Their Exploitation Co-author of Cotton Plant in Pakistan (with Muhammad Afzal) 1983
Syed Irtifaq Ali 1982 1930- Systematic Botany, Biosystematics, Reproductive Biology, Conservation Biology, and Flora of Pakistan.
Muhammad Ashfaq 2006 1952- Integrated Pest Management with special reference to Biological Control; Stored Grain and Stored Product Acarology; Sericulture.
Mohammad Ataur Rahman 1980 1929- Nutrition and Malnutrition Biochemistry of Cataract Formation Diabetes Mellitus and its Complications Urolithiasis Glycoproteins and Trace Elements in Health and Disease
M.Y.H. Bangash 2003 1932- Aerospace Engineering Software Development in Engineering Sciences Explosion Dynamics Published 50 books with the book on Shock Impact & Explosion considered as one of the flagship books 5 other books in Engineering Sciences a Manual of numerical Methods in Concrete Explosion-resistant Buildings Trauma Engineering Earthquake Engineering and Structures for Nuclear Facilities 200 Research Papers
Norman.E. Bourlag 1982 1914- Forestry Plant Pathology Microbiology and Plant Genetics Father of Green Revolution and serving humanity for sufficiency in food and against hunger involved in production of genetically improved varieties of wheat experiments on triticale (cross between wheat and rye) and in training of numerous young Scientists in the state-of-the-art in several developing and developed countries
M. Zakria Butt 1997 1949- Physics with emphasis on Lattice Defects and Mechanical Properties of Crystals, Laser-Materials Interaction, Thin Films, and Micro-Macro Property Correlation.
Leopoldo de Meis 1996 1938- Cellular and Molecular Biology besides numerous original research articles published 21 reviews and book chapters and a book on Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (1981 John Wiley USA)
Maqsood Dr. Muhammad 1994 -2007
Murray Gel-Mann 1983 1929- Physics with research on dispersion relations strangeness theory eightfoldway theory and theory of weak interactions
Ijaz Haider 1997 1941- Psychiatry Published two books
Anwar ul Haq 1996 1947- Structure - Property relationship of Materials Sciences Experise in X-ray Diffraction TEM and SEM Techniques Dental Materials Computer Based Rehabilitation Techniques
Tajammal H. Hashmi 1977 1924- Bridge Design Road Transport Utilization of Sub-surface Space Control of Water Logging Salinity and Soil Mechanics
Mohammad Khairat Ibne-Rasa 1979 1926- Organic Chemistry
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal 31/08/1990 1942-2014 Organic and Analytical Chemistry with special interest in Organometallicand Coordination Compounds and Environmental Pollution of Air Waterand Food author of 22 Books in Chemistry
Abdul Quadeer Khan 1988 1936- Metallurgy, Materials Science, Nuclear Technology with keen interest in Physical Metallurgy, especially Structure-Property Relationships in High Strength Alloys, Ballistic Missiles and Enrichment Technologies.
Hameed Ahmed Khan 1990 1942- Nuclear Physics Radiation Physics SSNTDs Reactor Physics
M. Ajmal Khan 2001 1953- Ecological management of inter-tidal coastal and inland saline ecosystemsSpecific research interests include seed dormancy salt tolerance demography ofsalt marsh and salt desert species and evaluation of cash-crop halophytes
Naeem Ahmad Khan 1986 1928-2013 Nuclear Physics with special interest in Gamma Spectroscopy Neutron PhysicsRadioisotope applications Scientific Administration
Syed Qasim Mehdi 1999 1941- Molecular Biology and Genetics with special contributions in areas of Molecular Biologyof Diseases Biotechnology and Human Genome Diversity Projects
Ghulam Abbas Miana 1998 1939- Organic Chemistry with special interest in alkaloid chemistry pharmacological and pharmaceutical applications of medicinal plant derivatives Books published Steroidal alkaloids PCSIR Karachi Organic chemistry an introduction (with Ibrahim Al-Najjar) Alkhraiji Bookshop Saudi Arabia
Agha Ikram Mohyuddin 1992 1932- Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management published Two Books and aMonograph awarded Microsoft 070-688 test Several Patents and worked on 54 projects in Canada UgandaTurkey Rumania Bulgaria Indonesia Sri Lanka and Sultanate of Oman
Shahzad A Mufti 2003 1942-2013 Developmental Biology Muscle Regeneration Teratology
Nasir-ud-Din 1996 1937- Biochemistry Chemistry Immunology of Complex Carbohydrates Structure-Function Relationship of Glycoproteins Secretory Proteins Glycoproteins ofEpithelial Cells and Cell Surface Carbohydrates Malaria Glycoproteins
Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghaffar 1992 1932-2015 Botany Mycology Plant Pathology and Biological Control of Soil-borne Diseasespublished 5 books with contribution of chapters in several books involved indevelopment of a Multiple Pellet Soil Sampler patented in USA
Abdul Raouf 1997 1929- Maintenance Engineering and Control Prediction of Human Performance inMan-machine System Occupational Safety Application of Operations Researchin Optimizing Man-machine System and Total Quality Management
Riazuddin 1976 1930-2013 Theoretical Particle Physics with emphasis on Gauge Theories Chiral SymmetryHeavy Quark Spin Symmetry and Phenomenology of Particle InteractionsNeutrino Physics published several books
Muhammad Saleem 1999 1937- Haematology
S. Riaz Ali Shah 1974 1924- Analytical Chemistry with contributions in areas of research in glass &ceramics minerals & building materials
Misbah-ud-Din Shami 1982 1930- Inorganic Analytical Chemistry Chemical Process Technology and Chemical Crystallography
Rashid Ahmad Khan Tahirkheli 1983 1928-2014 Geology with Special Contributions to Geology of Himalayas Karakoram andHindukush Published 3 Monographs
Wolfgang Voelter 1983 1936- Isolation, synthesis and bioactivity of natural products.
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