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Research Grants

One of the main objectives of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) is the promotion of scientific research in pure and applied sciences. PAS, therefore, provides research grants to its Fellows and Members for carrying out research in their respective fields of specialization. The source of funding is annual grant-in-aid from the Higher Education Commission. Projects, received from Fellows on the HEC format, are approved by a PAS-HEC Joint Committee on the basis of review reports of the subject experts. Presently, the upper limit of research grant for a Fellow is Rs. 3.00 million and upper limit of research grant for a Member is Rs. 1.00 million. The Fellow may like to submit a single project of up to Rs. 3.0 million or two projects, provided their combined cost does not exceed the upper limit.

Research projects funded by PAS produce trained manpower in the form of M.Phil. and Ph.D. graduates, as well as research publications in local and international scientific journals. PAS Research Funding also assists in the institutional development by providing lab equipment, chemical supplies and other research requisites.

Since 2003, when HEC initiated providing annual grant-in-aid, PAS has funded 89 projects in various fields of Science and Technology.

The application form for the research grant is available at

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