Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Promoting Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio-economic development

Financial Support for Conferences

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc. provide effective floor to researchers for presenting their research findings and share their knowledge and experience with each other. Pakistan Academy of Sciences provides funding to its Fellows for organizing Conferences on important scientific topics, having relevance to the national problems. Fellows are eligible to avail one Conference grants during a financial year. The present upper limit of the grant is Rs. 0.75 million

Procedure for Funding:

The Principal Organizer of the Conference/Seminar/Workshop, etc, makes a formal request on a form. The request is submitted to the PAS-HEC Joint Committee for necessary consideration and decision. After approval of the Committee, funds are released to the Fellow. After concluding the event, the Principal Organizer is required to submit a report giving the salient features of event and an audited report of the utilization of the grant.

The application form for the Conference/Seminar/Workshop, etc is available at

Click Here to download application form for the Conference/Seminar/Workshop, etc.

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