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Aamer Saeed Bhatti

Aamer Saeed Bhatti
Current Position Professor & Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad Phone No.
Born in , Pakistan in Year Elected 2020
Email [email protected]
B.Sc. University of the Punjab, Lahore (1983) (Grade B); M. Sc (Chemistry) 1986, (Grade B, GPA 3.7); M. Phil (1988), (Grade A, GPA 4.0); Ph. D (Organic Chemistry) 1994 (Grade A, GPA 4.3) (QAU). Alexander Von Humboldt, Post-Doctoral Fellowship Germany (2001 & 2020)
Positions Held
Tenured Professor and Chairman, Department of chemistry, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad.
Gold Medal PAS 2003), Dr. M. Razziuddin Siddiqi Prize in Chemistry Gold Medal (Idara-e-Farough Taleem, Punjab Lahore) (2015) Included in World\\\'s Top 2% Scientists (2020) by Stanford University Highly cited scientists of Pakistani Universities (Ranking list published by Elsevier on 19th October 2021) Elsevier BV - August 2021 RPA awardees from 2004-2017 in category: A by PCST. Alexander von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow Germany (2001, 2019) Highest Impact Factor Award 2018, Chemical Society of Pakistan. TWAS Visiting Expert Award Certificate of Outstanding Research University Hannover 2019. Ranked 2nd/3RD 4TH in Chemistry (RPA List, PCST; RPA award: Category A-1). Associate Editor: Frontiers in Chemistry (Impact factor 4.62): (2019, 2021). Research Publications: >561 Impact Factor: >1800, Total citations: 7000, H-index 35 (ISI, Scopus). Total citations: 7900, H-index 39 (Google Scholar). Ph D supervised: 21 PhD co-supervised: 04; M.Phil. Supervised: 60; M. Phil co-supervised; 04 Patents: International: (07) National: (02) Book Chapters (10 Published by International publishers) Books (02 published national publishers) Research grants: URF (12), HEC (02), PSF (01), PAK-US (01)
Fellowships / Memberships
Fellow of the Chemical Society of Pakistan; Fellow Pakistan Academy of Sciences (2020); Member The Chemical Society of Pakistan (lifetime); Humboldt Forum & German Alumni Forum Islamabad, Pakistan; Member, Curriculum Committee, National Testing Service Pakistan
Research Area
Synthetic Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry; Natural Products, Heterocyclic Chemistry Stereoselective total synthesis of bioactive Natural Products; Antitumor Polyketides: Callystatin, Ratjadone; Isocoumarins, Dihydroisocoumarins and their nitrogen, sulfur analogues; Acyl thioureas: Synthesis, biological evaluation, heterocyclization, QSAR, vibrational, DFT studies Design, Synthesis bioevaluation, binding analysis, Molecular docking, pharmacokinetics of heterocycles as enzyme inhibitors using hybrid pharmacophore approach Carbazole, Fluorene and Perylene Based Materials for Organic Electronic Applications OLEDs; Flourescent, Rylene and Rylene azo-hybrid, Porphyrin; Aggregate Induced Emission, In vivo Cancer probes for bio imaging, Ions sensors, AIE materials, DSSC materials
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