Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Promoting Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio-economic development

43 No. 4

43 No. 4
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Engineering Sciences
Classifying a child as labourer: A scientific study for child labor clustering and discrimination
Environmental Sciences
Health Sciences
Life Sciences
Effect of temperature, pH and metal ions on the activity and stability of alkaline protease from novel Bacillus Licheniformis MZK03
NOx removal from air by Nitrosomonas europaea
Enzyme activities in relation to sugar accumulation in tomato
Taxonomic study of the class Ulvophyceae (Chlorophyta) from certain areas of the Punjab, Pakistan
Medical Sciences
Physical Sciences
Effect of improving both the auxiliary and variable of interest in ratio and product estimators
A dual to variance ratio-type estimator in simple random sampling
On generalizations of Hadamard products of functions with negative coefficients
Thermal effects on Rayleigh waves in a rotating transversely isotropic material
Plant Sciences
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Proceedings of the MAAP-PAS-ANSO Hybrid Workshop
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