Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Promoting Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio-economic development

48 No. 2

48 No. 2
Case Study
Engineering Sciences
Design of Multi-Input Multi-Output Hybrid Adaptive Neuro- Fuzzy Intelligent System for Primary Pressure Control System of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor
Environmental Sciences
Health Sciences
Life Sciences
Plant-Soil Relationships in Korangi and Landhi Industrial Areas in Karachi, Pakistan
Refinement of Rearing Technique of a Potent Larval Parasitiod Bracon hebetor (Say), (Braconidae: Hymenoptera)
Determination of Pesticide Residue (Cartap) in Brinjal
Medical Sciences
Preparation and Evaluation of Clotrimazole Matrix Type Patch: Effect of Olive Oil on Drug Penetration Across Rabbit Skin
Physical Sciences
Physical Sciences ; Nearly A- and E-Optimal Orthogonally Blocked Designs for Scheffe’s Quadratic Mixture Model with Three Components
gα-Closed Sets in Topology
Sitnikov Problem: It’s Extension to Four Body Problem
Some Analysis of S-box based on Residue of Prime Number
Uniqueness of the Rayleigh Wave Speed
Plant Sciences
Policy Report
Proceedings of Webinar Series
Research Articles
Review Article
Review Articles
Short Communication
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