Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Promoting Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio-economic development

49, No. 4

49, No. 4
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Engineering Sciences
Electrochemical Behaviour of Yttria Stabilized Thermal Barrier Coating on Mild Steel in Artificial Sea Water
Environmental Sciences
Health Sciences
Life Sciences
Agroclimatic Modelling for Estimation of Wheat Production in the Punjab Province, Pakistan
MATLAB-based Sequence Analysis of muRdr1H, a Functionally Characterized Resistance Gene of Roses
Comparative Sequence Analysis of Some Rdr1 Resistance Genes from 5RVD PXOWLÀRUD
Medical Sciences
Development of Skin-friendly Dermatological Water-in-Oil Emulsion of Pomegranate Juice
Microwave Imaging: Potential for Early Breast Cancer Detection
Pain Management in Cancer Patients: A Review
Physical Sciences
Wavelet Characterization of Turbulence for Ionospheric Region of the Pakistan Air Space
Hadamard-type Inequalities through K-Convexity
Plant Sciences
Policy Report
Proceedings of the MAAP-PAS-ANSO Hybrid Workshop
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Review Articles
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