Pakistan Academy of Sciences

Promoting Science, Technology and Innovation for Socio-economic development

52, No. 4

52, No. 4
Bibliometric note
Case Study
Conference Proceedings
Engineering Sciences
Motivators in Green IT-outsourcing from Vendor’s Perspective: A Systematic Literature Review
Solutions for Critical Challenges in Offshore Software Outsourcing Contract
Empirical Investigation of Success Factors for Establishing Software Outsourcing Partnership from Vendor’s Perspective
Green Agility for Global Software Development Vendors: A Systematic Literature Review Protocol
Systematic Literature Review Protocol for Green Software Multi-Sourcing with Preliminary Results
Compact Fractal Ground Based UWB Band Notch Antenna
Environmental Sciences
Health Sciences
Life Sciences
Effect of Drying Temperature and Natural Preservatives on Reducing Aflatoxins in Solar Dried Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.)
Medical Sciences
Physical Sciences
Approximations for Linear Tenth-order Boundary Value Problems through Polynomial and Non-polynomial Cubic Spline Techniques
An Efficient Algorithm for Nonlinear Fractional Partial Differential Equations
Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for GA-convex Functions on the Co-ordinates with Applications
Plant Sciences
Policy Report
Proceedings of the MAAP-PAS-ANSO Hybrid Workshop
Proceedings of Webinar Series
Research Articles
Review Article
Review Articles
Short Communication
The Obituaries
Obituary: Dr. Mahbub Ali
Obituary: Prof. Dr. M. Ataur Rahman
Obituary: Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghaffar
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