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Proc. of the PAS: B; 54, No. 2

Proc. of the PAS: B; 54, No. 2
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Stability Analysis of Sorensen’s Model for Controllability and Observability
Evaluating Glacial Lakes Behavior in the High Himalayan Ranges of Pakistan
Expression Analysis of Amylase Gene and Starch Degradation during Fruit Development and Ripening Stages of Exotic Cultivars of Banana
Efficacy of Protein Bait Sprays in Controlling Melon Fruit Fly [Bactrocera Cucurbitae (Coquillett)] in Vegetable Agro-ecosystems
Assessment of Adiantum incisum, Alternanthera pungens and Trichodesma indicum as Bio-insecticides against Stored Grain Pests
Fabrication of Ketoprofen Controlled-release Tablets using Biopolymeric Hydrophilic Matrices: In-Vitro Studies
Bioethanol and Biodiesel from Second Generation Feedstocks: A Promising Solution to Energy Shortages in Pakistan
Modeling Risk of Soil Erosion in High and Medium Rainfall Zones of Pothwar Region, Pakistan
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