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Regional Information Center for Science and Technology to open its Branch in Pakistan Academy of Sciences

The Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST) was established in 1991 under an agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Higher Education and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). It was meant to act as the regional center for reference, study and bibliographical information and other services in relation to scientific and technological matters.

Recognizing the importance of academic, research and technological cooperation between universities and research centers for active engagement of academic members and researchers in the domain of S&T and in order to expand the academic relationships, Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology  RICeST. The MoU RICeST will provide a two-year IP based access to its online databases for PAS. In case the information sources is available at RICeST but not online, RICeST will deliver it through its Document Delivery Services. PAS will be providing Infrastructure and IT related equipment for establishing RICeST’s branch in its headquarters. The IT staff of PAS will be trained in Iran for one week and will be producing quarterly reports about the quality of the services being offered by RICeST. PAS will publicize the establishment of RICest center and will also enhance the services to the Pakistani Academic Community. In addition to above, PAS has also agreed to collect journals of Pakistani universities then RICeST will provide facilities to index them in their databases.

Both the parties agreed to provide opportunities for the academic community  (faculty members, researchers, etc.) to participate in conferences and international meetings of each other and also to exchange their scientific publications including books, technical and research reports, theses, computer software for educational and research purposes.

Prof. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari, Secretary General, Pakistan Academy of Sciences recently visited Iran and during his visit he finalized the terms of the MoU with Dr. M. J. Dehghani, President, Regional Information Center for Science and Technology.

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