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Proc. of the PAS: A; 53, No. 3

Proc. of the PAS: A; 53, No. 3
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An Exploratory Study of Success Factors in Software Integration for Global Software Development Vendors
A Student-friendly Framework for Adaptive 3D-Virtual Learning Environments
Critical Barriers in Project Management Faced by Offshore Software Multi-Sourcing Vendors: A Detailed Study
Text Clusters Labeling using WordNet and Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency
A Novel Light Weight and Automatic Authentication based on Centralized Approach for Pervasive Environment
Evaluation of Losses and Life of Distribution Transformer under Non-linear Load using Wavelet Transform
An Evaluation of Approximated PWM Switching Schemes Instigating Acoustic Noise in Inverter-Fed Induction Motors
On Further Study of CA-AG-groupoids
Integral Form of Popoviciu Inequality for Convex Function
Single-Tile Semigroups of Shift Operators
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Review Articles
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Obituary: Prof. Dr. Nasir-ud-Din
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