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Proc. of the PAS: A; 55, No. 1

Proc. of the PAS: A; 55, No. 1
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Bandwidth Enhancement of Patch Antenna through Various Techniques for Ku-Band Application
Monitoring Yarn Count Quality using Xbar-R and Xbar-S Control Charts
A Novel First Order Dithered Hybrid MASH-EFM with Cancellation Transfer Function Sigma-delta Modulator for Eight-bit Audio DAC
Mathematical Modelling for Nonlinear Glycolytic Oscillator
Design and Implementation of FPGA-based Concurrent Controller
ρπ Puzzle: Its Perspectives and Possibilities
Comparative Study of F2–Layer Critical Frequency; Solar Cycle 22
Study of Coronal Index Time Series Solar Activity Data in the Perspective of Probability Distribution
Design and Development of Subcritical Reactor by Using Aqueous Fuel for 99Mo Production
Performance and Gaseous Emission Investigation of Low Powered Spark Ignition Engine Fueled with Gasoline and Hydroxyl Gas
Effect of Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures on Performance of Planar Textile Antenna
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Review Articles
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Obituary: Prof. Dr. Abdul Raouf
Obituary: Dr. Syed Riaz Ali Shah
Obituary: Prof. Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad
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