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Proc. of the PAS: A; 58, No. 1

Proc. of the PAS: A; 58, No. 1
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Agile Software Development Techniques: A Survey
A Comparative Analysis of Mobile Application Development Approaches
Design and Stability Analysis of a proposed Microgrid for on Campus Diesel and Photovoltaic Power Sources
Automatic Detection of Noisy Signals in sEMG Grids Using Statistical Thresholding
A Low-Power, High-Gain Amplifier with Rail-to-Rail Operating Capability: Applications to Biomedical Signal Processing
Movement Aware Smart Street-lights for Efficient Energy Utilisation
Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Floods in Lahore, Pakistan using GIS based integrated Analytical Hierarchy Approach
Certain Classes of Meromorphic p-Valent Functions Associated with Mittag-Leffler Function
Review Article
Review Articles
Potential Investigation on Multiphase Flow of Loaded Dispersion for the Production of Metallized Paper
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