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Invited Talk: Interfacial Pre-melting and the Mechanics of Frost by Foreign Speakers

Invited Talk: Interfacial Pre-melting

Prof. Dr. Alan W. Rempel, Prof. Dr. Anita Weiss, and Devlin Rutherford (Ph.D. Researcher) Visited Pakistan in connection with the Project titled: “Enhancing the study of Climate Change and Glaciology in Gilgit-Baltistan through collaboration between Karakoram International University, and the University of Oregon”. Prof. Dr. M. Qasim Jan, Fellow PAS facilitated the organization of talk on “Interfacial Premelting and the Mechanics of Frost” on August 29, 2023, at the PAS Auditorium. The key objective of the talk was “to address concerns about the presence and consequences of melting of ice surfaces at subzero temperatures, referred to as “premelting”. The talk offered a brainstorming session for environmentalists, ecologists, climatologists, geologists, hydrogeologists, bio-geographers, and climate change specialists to discuss the Interfacial Premelting and the Mechanics of Frost insights into the response of biodiversity and ecosystems to climate change.

Invited Talk: Interfacial Pre-melting

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