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Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) & Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) Webinar Series on Climate Change Session 1: Climate Change and Plants Biodiversity January 29, 2022

Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) & Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) are jointly organizing a series of webinars on climate change. Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadar Marwat was the first Speaker of the Webinar Series and gave the first talk on the topic “Climate Change and Plants Biodiversity” on January 29, 2022. Dr. Abdullah Al-Musa, Director General, Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) welcomed the participants and introduced the Speaker. The talk focused mainly on plant biodiversity related to agriculture in the wake of changing and fragile climate. With the change in Climate, visible shifts in the wild, as well as cultivated plants, are more prominent than ever before. Cropping times and types have been on its way to change. New crops/ varieties are to be the candidates in the high flood areas as the melting of glaciers will affect the flow of rivers. Some of the plants found at higher altitudes have drifted to plains and vice versa. He further discussed that the Farmers’ perception of the changing climate has been altered and looking for new options.

Prof. Dr. Tasawar Hayat, Secretary General PAS, and other fellows also participated in the webinar.

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